Jacob Huey Personal Trainer

Hello there! My name is Jacob Huey and my journey with Salvere began with my fall internship through the Exercise Science Associates program from Howard Community College. Moving onward and upward receiving my ACE Personal Trainer certification this past February, I was ready to make positive changes in clients’ lives. My fitness path started with only a dream of having a six pack that led me to working out on a consistent basis. With a strong desire to succeed, I reached my goal and loved the experience so much I turned my passion into a career.

The Olympic lift known as the snatch is one exercise that makes me feel unstoppable! Being able to move an impressive amount of weight from the ground to overhead in less than 3 seconds really shows how amazing our bodies can be if we train them right. In addition to working out, how I spend my time outside of the gym matters too. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my close friends who make me happy and help keep me true to myself.

One thing I want my all of my clients to take away from every session with me is how important fitness is in leading a happy and fulfilling life. We all start somewhere when it comes to being healthy and this could be your first step towards a healthy and happy lifestyle! I find motivation in constantly improving myself (is not something I am passive about), and use that same passion when it comes to helping my clients. You are my priority and I am ready to invest in you.

~Do it for yourself, not for others and only then will you succeed!


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