Micah Simon, Yoga Instructor

Communications professional and training developer with over three years of experience creating transformational training, coordinating events, creating public relations materials and providing writing support to clients. Writing promotes an easeful, educational way for readers to succeed in new job tasks. Clients and customers range from a variety of industries, including health, beauty, education and retail. Also leads clients through written and verbal instruction to help excel in work, fitness and wellness. Successfully works with different media outlets to promote awareness and interest for organizational initiatives.

Yoga is so much more than the asanas we practice on the yoga mat. It is a way for us to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually starting right now. Micah is a yoga instructor with several years of experience teaching a variety of styles of yoga and meditation for classes, workshops and private instruction. Provides verbal and hands-on assists as necessary and is able to recommend modified and amplified postures according to individual needs. I've learned quite a bit from my yoga journey, and this has been my important reminder: our highest truth, consciousness and love is always within. Namaste. 

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