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Corporate fitness programs are the key to reducing the current trend of increased health related illnesses and costs in the United States. Salvere Health & Fitness will assist your corporation in developing a wellness program that will decrease the amount of money spent on unnecessary medical expenses and increase employee morale and productivity. Corporate wellness programs decrease the risk of developing illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, back problems, high blood pressure and cancer causing missed work and increased insurance expenses. After performing an initial evaluation through an analysis and questionnaire, Salvere Health & Fitness will design a program specific to your organization based on evaluation results, available space, equipment and time.

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“The company I work for contacted Lisa Martin who owns a fitness and training company. The goal has been to educate the employees to eat healthier, exercise, and learn to relax through exercise and meditation. Lisa has invited guest speakers to talk with us about all of these areas. She herself has held classes to acquaint us with resistance, strength and stretching exercises. Through her enthusiasm and encouragement she has made me realize that I do need to exercise more, and that there are many ways of accomplishing this. Exercise is fun, has great rewards and the payoffs are huge! Each one of us is worth the investment!”

--Nancy Deale, MD

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